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I don't know if there is a part three, I just started watching this and wanted to share, I only found two.
Sorry I haven't been in lately, really sick, but I'm still a big fan of Sylvia.
Hopefully this is allowed, I apologize if it's not.
I'm selling a bunch of Sylvia books here for really cheap, and I figured this would be the best place to share. :)
From Sylvia's newsletter:

*** SYLVIA on TV again! - on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 ***
Sylvia will be a guest on "The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet"
Hello everyone! My name's Amber I spotted this community mos. ago. I became a Sylvia fan at age 15 or 16. I'm now 19 and have a few books of hers- Secrets and Mysteries, Levels of Creation, Tools For Life(1st one), Prophecies, Astrology, Past Lives, Future Healing, and some more plus one visualization tape. I will read the rest of her books through the library. Can't wait to read them all! So that's it for now :D
Right now I'm watching MonsterQuest and it's about rods. Does anybody know if Sylvia has said anything about them?
Something happened lastnight and you were the first person that I thought of to tell what happened to...
Well I personally didn't see anything because I was asleep, but lastnight around 4:30am, Amy, my girlfriend woke up and saw a white figure sitting on the end of the bed looking out of the window. She said the whole room was like in a red haze. She said that she never saw the figure's face, but it was a female in her 40's she guessed, with blonde hair pulled up, wearing blue overalls. She said the figure started walking out the door, turned her head slightly like she was acknowledging her (still didn't see her face though) and walked/disappeared out of the room. She said she wasn't scared though because she didn't get a bad vibe from the figure at all. It was the first time she saw this female.
Sooooo sounds like a ghost more than a guide to me..
However, this is the scary thing....Amy said that about 5 times within the year she saw something else that scared her pretty bad. She hasn't seen it for 6 months. What I have gathered from books and ect....it sounds like a demonic entity to me which is the freaky thing......she said that she saw the same figure and it was really tall, like hit the top of the door tall, it had long black hair and she didn't see it like it was a person, it was like a black cloud-but it definatly had the outlining like a person. She said it just stood there, and it didn't move. She said she was very scared of it.
Lastnight and each time she saw that other figure, she had always had a bad dream each of the nights.
Back to the lady Amy saw....I thought at first the lady might have been an angel because I have heard before that angels, being white and all, often don't look at you and that their backs are turned away from you (like the lady was towards Amy) because they're guarding you from anything bad in the outside world....but then when she said she saw blue overalls...that sounded more ghostish to me...
So I dunno if you have any insight or anything. I am just glad I didn't witness any of what happened lastnight, even if she said she didn't get a bad feeling at all about it. The red haze makes me curious....doesn't red haze/aura mean either anger or like love?
A side note...the past couple of days I was watching TV and on top of the tele is two candles....well out of no where, the candleholder's top popped off in the air and fell to the ground...also lastnight, before anything happened...Amy 's head was right next to mine, she was sleeping....it was around 1am and our throw pillow on the bed just PLOP!-fell on our heads out of mid-air....it weirded me out and I tried not thinking of it much...I was almost asleep so I just didn't think too much of it and went to sleep.
Sooooooooooo that's my story, let me know your thoughts if you'd like or you get a chance.

Thanks everyone!
I have had memories of living in Haiti when I was little.
When I visited there, I knew where everything was.
I stood in front of an apartment building in Haiti, and I SWEAR to you that's where I lived (past life?)

I still have memories of living in Haiti, of being Haitian.

I've had a similar experience in India, but not as strong as the Haitian one.

Anyone else have a similar experience?
Whenever I listen to this old 80's song called Big Country By Big Country for some strange reason it brings me memories of being somewhere over in either Scotland or maybe Ireland? Not sure because I've NEVER been to that part of the world ever. But yet this song in particular reminds me of a foreign place and I want to say it's either Scotland or maybe Ireland. I realize the group that did this song is British but I have lots of groups mostly either American or British and although I have never had any desire to visit England. When I hear this song it just brings back happy memories of living somewhere in either Ireland or Scotland, I'm not sure because I've never been to either.

I'm 37 years old so I was alive when this song came out. When I first heard it I didn't really think much of it ( not that I didn't like it or anything ) it's just that now when I hear it I have these memories of living somewhere over there and they are all very happy memories. Could this song be triggering cell memories of a past life? If so why just this song? Any thoughts anyone? Am I just crazy, or just wishful thinking? Although in actuality despite the wonderful memories of excitement I don't thin I'd want to actually visit there. Mainly because I'm terrified of planes and flying and I hate the cold. But whenever I hear this song it just triggers such powerful memories. Am I just a crazy fanatic? Just be honest I wont be hurt by the truth.
So I was in a pretty bad state a few nights ago.

I pleaded with God, asked to please give me a sign.

To make a long story short, I need to see a psychiatrist, but my insurance doesn't cover it. Several people said that there are psychs who might lower their prices to fit your budget.

So I looked some up on the internet.

The FIRST one I saw was a "David Martorano."

Okay, I bookmarked his website, and went on with my day.

That night American Idol was on. One of the contestants? His last name is Marturano.

Mhmm *nods*

What do you think - am I crazy, or was that a sign?

Oh yeah - Also, Dr. Martorano - THE FIRST SITE I FOUND - lowers prices to meet patients' budgets :)